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Авторизованные курсы корпорации Dell Technologies (Dell EMC)

Курсы Dell Technologies  в Микроинформ 

Курс: DESILT-819-9636 OpenManage Enterprise Features, Implementation and Administration

Ориентирован: на заказчиков Dell Technologies, у которых установлена консоль OpenManage Enterprise и которым необходимы базовые знания принципов работы продукта.
Предварительный уровень подготовки:
Знания различных протоколов, используемых OME.
Продолжительность: 2 дня, 16 часов.
Методические материалы: учебник Dell Technologies на английском языке.
Документ об окончании курса: сертификат Dell Technologies.
Базовый курс, который предоставит слушателям хорошее понимание принципов работы OpenManage Enterprise.

Программа курса


  • Primary Differences between OM Essentials and OM Enterprise
  • Architecture changes
  • Discuss parity with OM Essentials and future additions to product
  • Overview of performance and scalability
  • New Features with 3.0


  • Hardware requirements for installation
  • Software requirements for installation
  • Networking requirements
  • Credential requirements
  • Common installation and configuration issues
  • Configuration considerations prior to using OpenManage Enterprise
  • Checklist


  • Network settings
  • User settings, user roles
  • Security
  • Console Settings
  • SMB settings (in Console)
  • Console update
  • Script execution
  • OpenMange Mobile v3.0 integration
  • Checklist

Console Navigation

  • Web user interface
  • Checklist

Discovery / Inventory

  • Agent Communication
  • Credential requirements for managing systems
  • Environmental Hardening - Considerations for what will break what
  • (Protocols, agent communication, etc.)
  • Security considerations
  • How to do Discovery/Inventory
  • Discovery / Inventory logic:
  • Discovery workflow (does it ping the target then attempt protocols or does it
  • just try the protocols)
  • What protocol is chosen when multiple working protocols are selected
  • What happens on protocol failure? (when solo protocol and multiple
  • protocols)
  • Problems / issues in discovery
  • Auto discovery
  • Checklist


  • Jobs/Tasks
  • How to update &Updating: (i.e. firmware)
  • DRM v3.0
  • How do we ensure the latest inventory for the device is reflected in Software
  • Updates?
  • Will a last inventory date be provided in System Update?
  • Reports and customizing
  • Alerting
  • SNMP alerts, email issues, trap, SMS, etc
  • Scripts/ Scripting
  • Knowing the tokens/variables
  • Checklist


  • Compliance Baseline and Deployment Templates
  • Security (initial set up)
  • Compliance Template
  • Licenses, server, no license
  • Deployment Template
  • Virtual Identities ( stateless deployment)
  • Remediation (lab)
  • VLAN Management (slide)
  • Checklist

SAE Integration:

  • Explain the Support Assist adapter and show how to add the adapter and to
  • go through a synchronization process,
  • Work with the SAE plug in adapter for OME to connect to SupportAssist
  • Enterprise
  • Explain how Alert Monitoring occurs with the adapter

OpenManage Enterprise Modular

  • Overview of OMEM what this version offers and why
  • Contrast differences from OMEnterprise

Кроме лекций в курсе предусматривается выполнение лабораторных работ.